Video Help

Video Tips to Navigate SideBar

 An introduction into SideBar. The video goes over how to use various components of SideBar like community notifications and how to reply to e-mails.     Consolidated Digest Look. This video shows what a consolidated digest will look like so you're not surprised when you get it in your inbox.
 How to change your community notifications. This video will go over how to change your e-mail notifications specifically. You have the choice or Real Time, Real Time Plain Text, No E-mail, and Consolidated Digest (A comprehensive list of everything that had happened in you section the day before, you will receive one e-mail a day from your section or no e-mails if nothing was sent.)  

How to get a consolidated digest. This video will go over how to get the consolidated digest e-mail notification in SideBar. The consolidated digest has the ability to group ALL of your sections e-mails into one e-mail a day.

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