How To Use Email

How to use the SideBar e-mail Listerv:

The following are simple steps to get you prepared to use the new enhanced listserv communication tool, SideBar, from the convenience of your e-mail account. It should be noted that you also have the option to use SideBar online as well. Both online and e-mail distribution methods will have the same results. Your message is sent to the group. In addition, the information is stored in an organized fashion and is accessible on the SideBar website.


Send an E-mail

  • Log in at and click “Groups” found in the “My Profile” menu
  • Select the group you would like to send an e-mail to.
  • In the group(s) you will see a phrase that says “To send a message in the group click here”
  • Click on “here” and a new e-mail will be generated in your e-mail account
  • Type your message and send the e-mail to your group (You can also include attachments just like you would with any other e-mail)

Tip: If you wish to continue sending e-mails without visiting the group page at, save the address that appears when you generate the e-mail.


Create a Profile Picture

Similar to popular social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, a profile photo is included with your group communication. Nobody likes talking to a blank screen. If you don’t already have a profile picture, add one to your account to put a face with your name.

Add a profile picture with the following steps:

  • Log in at and click “Profile Home” found in the “My Profile” menu.
  • Your profile will appear with a box that shows a grey person that states “photo not available”
  • Move your mouse cursor over the image and select the icon that appears with a green arrow pointing up. If you hover over it, the box reads “Add Photo”
  • Choose your photo and upload it to your profile


Check Your E-mail Signature

When sending messages using your e-mail account, SideBar will automatically pull the signature that appears in the e-mail you are using. It should be noted that you may only e-mail the group using the e-mail account associated with Any other e-mail accounts will not be able to access SideBar.


Get Started

Now that you’ve got a profile picture and an e-mail signature, it’s time to introduce yourself to your community. Here are some ideas for your first post to get you started:

  • Share and comment on a recent news article related
  • Share a success story
  • Ask a question

A great way to get to know other members outside of your group is the open forum. Any CBA member can join so a simple hello will be plenty to get a casual conversation going.

Opening Attachments

To open attachments, please follow the instructions below:

  • Open the e-mail
  • Underneath the sender's name you will see the attachment hyperlinked in blue
  • Click the hyperlink which will bring you to the SideBar page for your group where the message is displayed
  • Underneath the message you will see "Attachment(s)"
  • Click the hyperlinked attachment(s) to see the web version of the attachment or click download to download and save the attachment to your computer

SideBar functions this way for security purposes to keep your attachments safe in your groups. If you experience a screen that asks you to accept the terms of conditions, please accept. Like most online communities, there are terms and conditions for communicating using the SideBar listserv.